Argentina Calendar - Urgent

Hare Krsna



All glories to you Gurudeva,

I hope you are well and your allergy is gone.

HpS - We are dying a useful death. Allergy has been very, very light past few days.

Basing on the idea of meet people who can participate in dialogues, interviews, being part of a future event, EDUCATION and the SACRED, linking with existing ones and / or being part of the interviews videos or the for future book of interviews; we think that


we can concentrate the energy on this visit to Argentina in Buenos Aires, and only travel for a few days to Mar del Plata.

HpS - You all will come from Cordoba?

There are some people in Cordoba that we can interview for the video of Education And the Sacred. Example: Maxi Peralta Jungian professor in the university of Cordoba and some contacts in which Madhavendra Puri is working, but we can do it with your guidence and correct questions.

We have been talking about the possibility of coming or not coming to Cordoba and you stay more in one place. Of course the devotees of Cordoba always want your association but also many of your Cordoba disciples (Madhavendra Puri, Campakalata dd, Vrsabhanu Nandini dd, Ambarisa Das, etc) can travel to Buenos Aires to be with you.

what do you think about it?

HpS - Seems good. Yes, we have to travel less. Write more.

we are working in the schedule, some different proposal with Cordoba, Bs As And Mar del plata in the calendar. waiting for your answer to define and buy the tickets.

Thank you Guru Dev

traying to be serve in this beautiful sankirtan Ambarisa m Das

HpS - ASA -- Yes, based in BsAs. Maybe one night in Cordoba??? Longer in Mar de Plata(nos).

Next year visit Cordoba and not MDP. 😁

Seems you have perfect idea. Even if we do teleconferencing it will be same time zone for Cordoba etc. so that will be useful also.

I think we are headed to some good promotional materials in the next few days for contacting people. Get them to think about the Light of the Bhagavata and seeing their thoughts in terms of Light of the Bhagavata.

For ourselves we can have certificate programs for LOB, NOI and TLC. O.K.? Got those books in Spanish?