Craig's, Cliffs and Sacrifice

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada...please accept my humble obeisances.

This is a copy of a re-write I just did. It was sent to my brother Craig recently after my Fathers passing (more on that much to say). Also sent copies to others in our family for a hopeful Soul nurturing.

After sharing this story, I found out that Craig just divorced his wife of 40 years. Sacrifice in vanity is dangerous, am not sure if he'll even converse with me, he's become as reclusive as my middle brother that he despises. Glad the devotee's are in my life, we don't have time for this.

It's been a week since Dad left, still in mourning. Have been getting more and more stories coming through my heart, words keep coming to me in new symbolism. Japa takes real focus for it seems there are many more things I need to say. Tulsi-Mala save me!!

Ok, here's our Sacrifice;

HpS - Yes, there are so many impressions from our family stored in our heart, Buddhi, that will come out at the time of death unless we deal with them now!

There was a family in a small Mountain Village and one of their children was sick, so they called a Doctor to check what was wrong. The Doctor examined the child and said the fever is from gangrene, we need to remove 2 fingers. The Mother was objecting, the Doctor said,” If we don’t sacrifice the fingers the arm will be next”. Her husband looked at her and they understood.

After this all was fine and the family decided to visit a relative in the city. After an arduous journey they made it to their relatives, even though there were some quarrels going on in the neighborhoods. The family greeted one another with great joy and they all were reminiscing… when noises were heard coming from the outside neighborhood, sounds of explosions, shouting and rioting.

The family all gathered in the hidden cellar and quietly waited. Sounds of footsteps of thugs walking above their heads was heard, they were very still. The Mother was holding her baby in her lap, the child sensed the fear and was attempting to cry. Everyone gazed, the Mother looked back in terror and she saw that another sacrifice had to be made; with tears in her eyes she suffocated her own child.

Hours later a battalion of the Army came and vanquished the invaders and some peace was restored. The family fled, while other parts of the city were still in siege. Returning to their home they had great relief and nurtured one other through what happened

As the weeks went, the battle in the city still was on, the villagers safe in the Mountains continued life warily. Then one night a village guard observed a couple of invaders trying to sneak-in, taking careful aim the guard put an arrow through one, but the other fled to tell his leader. The news spread quickly and the Lord’s garrison immediately came to the village. They told the villagers their town is the only thing keeping the Invaders from entering into the heart of the country, they must be stopped!

The family and the rest of the villagers knew another sacrifice must be made. Taking their eldest and strongest son’s they gave them to the Lord’s army, then despondently departed for higher ground. A tumultuous fight began as the rogue invaders starting entering the village. Arrows and cannonballs were flying everywhere, along with swords clashing and fires raging . The remaining soldiers and villagers finally succeeded, though there was nothing left of the village, the sacrifice had saved the country.

The Mountain family who had lost a baby now had lost their son’s and their village was decimated. The Mother was so distraught she collapsed and died, the Father was in shock losing his wife and decided to see the Lord of the Land. He took his last child and quickly went to the Lord’s castle. Hearing what happened the Lord offered him anything in his kingdom, he knew his sacrifice, whatever the Father needed he would give.

Sobbing the man cried, “I need my wife, I need my children, I need my village, what is left in the World for me?” The Lord sensed his great quandary and sadness. The King knew he needed greater help. Taking the Father and his child he brought them to a grand hall and in there were many citizens, families and even hurt people from his own village. They were all joyously serving one another with food, sustenance and love. The Lord’s Queen came up to the Father and bowed. Astonished the Father asked the Queen, “How did all these people become so happy?”

The Queen smiled at her Husband and then gently placed her hand on the Fathers Heart and said, “They sacrificed the World and regained their Soul”.

All sacrifices bring knowledge, never stop giving, never give up on your Soul.

Thank you for your valuable time Maharaja, All glories to your service!

HpS - Pretty telling. It is in Chanakya Pandita, no? If we save our soul we have done our best to save everyone's soul. That is the nature of the soul.