Journal of SB

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Hare Krsna Maharaj. Pamho. AGTSP.

You are the soul whose purity is purifying us.

HpS - We are asses whom Srila Prabhupada has sacrificed a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make a half-way useful telephone for his words.

We are trying to read sb 25 pages per day.

ASA - That's a lot! Try to do it for some time eg. one, two weeks and see the result?

What we can do multiple comparison from sb

Like allegories. Analogies. Comparison and development of prayers.

Speakers motive and prayers.

So we think it will be nice if we have a journal/ periodical especially on analysis of sb.

As sb is the heart of library. The more v analysis more v know it.

HpS - Ana-lysis, breaking down by cutting (?) is Jnana approach. It is VERY good, but the test is how it leads us to more advanced stage of Jnana which is Dhyana, smaranam. Sravanam, kirtanam, smaranama and that leads to Prema!! Under-standing, analysis is the first step in Smaranama comtemplation.

In this way we can engage the whole world ,literature, poetry, etc.

HpS - Yes, Jnana goes to Dhyana, poetry.


Personally i prefer bhagvatam analysis than deity analysis.

I hope I can be manager/ editor of this journal/ periodical/ magazine.

Can u give your views on same?


HpS - Start by writing for another Journa eg. Kapi Dhvaja, Blog, Viplavah.