Sri Vyasa Puja for my first Spiritual Masters

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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:

AGTSP, pamho

I was with my co-workers and I started to show them pictures about my family. I got a little emotional, I almost cry, these pictures are really great.

From my father I learn how to be responsible, when I wake up in the middle of the night, my father was almost always reading books, he loved to learn new things, he was very generous, intelligent, but also strict. I remembered when he bought lots of LOB and distributed to his friends from the University, also the programs that he did with your very goodself in Alas Peruanas University. He obtained his PHD at a very old age.

My MOTHER is a real MOTHER she was always taking care of her family she is very sweet and a very CHASTE lady. When my sister was one year old, my father got an scholarship to study a course in seismology in Japan. And my mom was alone and more than one doctor, etc wanted to have an affair with her, but she never cheated on my father. She was really firm and strict with that, and asked for help from her brother.

She is almost dying now, my father is already gone but my heart and intelligence is full from all what they taught me, I feel so so so so proud and bless to be her and his daughter, maybe in other life I may be her mother or father I would like that.

My mother suffers a lot I hope she gets a better destination soon. She will always remain in my heart as well as my dad and U.

Thanks Gurudeva for all your protection. I feel lonely sometimes, but with your support, jokes and association I feel better. AGTSP.

Thanks all this mercy is undeserved.

I am more conscious now about being a good person as U told me on whatssapp try to become an angel now hahaha, well maybe not a perfect angel, but I will do my best. Doing the right thing is always the best option, being a instrument of peace as Saint Francis says

Thanks a lot Gurudeva again, thanks for being my Gurumaharaja. AGTSP

Trying to be your disciple

Candramukhi dd

HPS - Jaya. I think of my parents. That is very good. If nice people think of us after we die it certainly is good for us!! Thank you. Pain is just loud noise, screaming, in the body, nerves. Try to control it for Krsna, and if it is too strong then let Krsna control it. Maybe it seizes the whole body. Body is like a piece of paper. Don't let it consume your whole field of vision!