Regional representantion report 03 (URGENT)

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HpS - ASA - Drat!! We missed this "URGENT" letter. Please forgive us and don't be discouraged. Try to engage us again!

Hare Krsna dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories unto you!

I hope you are in good health,

ASA - Allergy and Old age. Good friends for a devotee!

I hope your programs are progressing as wait (wanted), I hope that Lord Nrsimha always protects you. I am writing to inform you about the progress, stagnation and setbacks in the MOE's representation service.

  • I talked to ARTD last week who told me about your idea to call some educators of the Peruvian yatra as well as some foreigners to meet in Chosica and exchange some discussion issues. I understand that, since time is short, it is about organizing an event that corresponds mainly to people in charge of education. Nothing very big. ARTD mentioned Jiyada Nrsimha (Bolivia), Panca tattva (Argentina), Gopala (Chile), in addition to extending the invitation to a devotee from Ecuador (Katunya Nitay? Rupa Gosay?). However, Karuna Krsna prabhu has just returned from BRasil (GBC College meeting) and he tells me that Jiyada Nrsimha prabhu travels to Spain and that Panca tattva prabhu had thought travel to Peru for the event of Education and the sacred (November).

HpS - Awk. We were only thinking of devotees in Peru, Lima area.

  • Karuna Krsna prabhu is in accordance with our intention to carry out this meeting, perhaps it would be convenient that some invited educator come and be able to connect with others by teleconference. What topics do you suggest, Gurudeva? I think it's important to review the philosophy concepts of education, I do not think that any educational program that seeks relative success does without clarifying and defining these aspects.

HpS - Again, just local devotees. Themes: What is an Educated Man? How do we Learn? What Educational Programs are their in Lima, Peru, Globally? What is MOE? Presentations by many people. Spanish, English.

  • I have been in contact with devotees in Guyana, apparently they have no further contact with the Ministry and Tapana Misra prabhu asked me to contact them. I ask for your permission to collaborate in some way with their program while the corresponding representation is made official. ARTD told me that the case of devotees in Colombia is similar.

HpS - Of course, have fun!

  • Progress is being made with the local agenda, the devotees of Lima are interested but not all are equally cooperative. A few like Candramukhi dd and Jagat Pavitram prabhu keep a fluid communication and comply expeditiously with the acquired commitments, others are slower and others indifferent. I must assume that I will see the same in other yatras.

HpS - Yesssss but we move ahead.

  • Baladeva prabhu accepted the position of Bhakti sastri examiner , is enthusiastic and has offered his support. We are waiting for your approval, that of Prabhu Mathuresh and the National Board. Administration service has been offered to Jiva Sakti prabhu, but Candramukhi dd has expressed his will to participate actively in the BS program. What do you suggest? The political climate is very polarized, there are educators who remains in margin, others participate to achieve a change and others have decided to defend what is indefensible. The truth is that due to this political confrontation communication with some educator devotees is difficult.

HpS - We will be in Lima in a few days. Let us discuss it then. Fix some time for these programs for the two weekends we will be in Chosica, 15th and 29th. We will arrive Friday night and leave Sunday afternoon.

  • Finally, I talked with prabhu Mathuresh, he invited me to the June meeting in Cochabamba in that way I can contact local and La Paz educators. Good deal!. It is very likely that I will travel to Bolivia with Indira Sakti for those days, Gurumaharaja.

ASA - We were hoping so. NIOS can even help with some of the travel costs.

That's all for the time Gurudeva. I look forward to your response.

Your tiny servant.

Gandharva dasa

HpS - Again. Sorry that this was delayed. If you don't get a response within five days, then Text us on the Blog.