URGENT - Divya-drsti Devi Dasi from India.

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Hare Krishna Gurudeva. Pamho!! AgtSP!!

Divya-drsti d.d asked me to send you this letter :

Hare Krishna Guru Majaraja, please Receive my Respectull and Humble Obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Gurumajaraja, thank you very much for your last answer, well here in Mayapur everyday the weather is getting more and more hot, maybe in june and july it Will arrive until 47 or 48, so at night Im not sleeping well, actually Im sleeping bad, I asked about the posibility to go to Rishikesh but there isn't an ISKCON Temple there and there will be hot as well soon I can't go there, so Im looking for the posibility to go to Spain maybe to the Temple of Málaga and stay in the Temple and do any service or in any other Temple in Europe Just for 3 months maybe june, juli, August but because I have a few health problems its no so good idea but I think I could do service like garlands, cleaning help at pujary, traslation etc, maybe the association of devotees and discipline in Temple would be good for me as well. It is One big dream for me to go to Europe : the art, the arquitecture maybe in my free time I could do a few visitings of museums etc.

Then come back to India, go to Vrindavan for maybe september and october to be in kartika, then come back to Perú. 

Other option is directly come back to Cusco now, but Ill feel that mi misión of healing myself won't be acomplish if I come back to Perú now.

So I have this two posibilities, please could you give me any sugestión?  

Sorry to write you again and PUT urgent in my letter but if I travel I have to do the arrangements. 

Thank you very much for your answer. 

Your Servant :

Divya Dristi DD

Pd: of course if I would come back to Cusco now I'll do the wokshops of puppets and rent an apartment to live with matajis and continue working as a tour guide.

thank you very much Gurudeva!!!

HpS - ASA - AGTSP. Paoho. It is NEVER any problem for you to write to us. How is The Gaura-gadadhara Devi Dasi? Yes, can be tough in India, but if you happen to die there that is O.K. too. Learn to chant even in an oven. Chant in the oven and die quickly. Then come back with the body of a baker. Ha! Ha! Hare!

We will be in India, October 1-15th and Spain September 15th-30th. See our Calendar in the Kapi Dhavaja.

The main thing is the contact with the devotees. If you can contact someone in Malaga that would be nice. Just pray to Krsna and see if there are any devotees with contacts where you could stay during the hot months. Many people leave India then and them come back during September, October!