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hare krsna, maharaj,

pamho, agtsp.

this could be pouring out email, but i think we have enough content to write a letter.

we report to our director, in our institute.

our professional life is a mess, our diet is a mess. we some times have to sleep in office, because we either dont get proper food, and our easily get tired by getting up early.

we wear ditty [dirty] clothes

dont know the reason. we are lost out. may be mind is artificially renouncing.

director found our mental framework/issues. following are some things director said

you need healing harsh.

outside world will have only standards.

your wife must be initiating guilt feeling in you. you are full of guilt.

dont be worried about your son too much.

teach to students as your children. train the staff. give them.

may be you should a join a monastery.

be HR person who bounds/ make people comfortable.

give back to soceity as you have two IITs invested in you, the nation will ask back.

and other things, which were correct..

research on gratitude than on psychology.

have gratitude also


i know, you dont know my life in detail, and we have to use our intelligence.

but there are many ritualistic things like food cooked by vaisnava, no onion garlic, cooked

daily SB, whose importance we know, but when they dont happen, it causes more anger in us.

..some how v r able to chant 16 rounds average..

v have learned little bit of cooking we can cook edible (our standards)

poori, rajma, rice, dal, aalo subzi, khicdhi,--at least we can cook for krsna,

HpS - That puts you in the same category as Mother Yasoda! What are you complaining about?!

as you wrote" "become sun of knowledge in india" can you tell us the practical process to us.

HpS - ... the more and more and more you chant the more your heart becomes pure. then it becomes like a ray of sunshine to everyone.

😐 Your monkey eats your cheese. He shares it with the goose. We are all receiving Karma, from our previous days abuse.

You are on the right path. Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna..... Just do what you are doing better. Learn to cook better for Krsna. Learn to love your family better. Learn to chant better. Nothing new needs to be added. Just improve what you are doing.