Hare Krsna Maharaj

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Hare Krsna dear Maharaj!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please accept my humble obeisances!

Thank you for your reply. I loved it. I very much appreciate the time you spend to reply to each and every message of not only mine, but all of your disciples'. I know gurus have quite the eventful life - never much time to rest, always doing service.

We just attended the Sacred Sounds festival here in the New Govardhan farm. It is a big Kirtan retreat with HH BB Govinda Swami, HH Indradyumna Swami, HG Akincana Krsna Prabhu, HG Balaram Tirtha Prabhu and his wife, HG Dhanya Mataji, as well as our local Brisbane Kirtaniya, HG Janardan prabhu. It was amazing. Just Kirtan and more Kirtan. Also HH Govinda Swami was giving beautiful lectures on the Brihad Bhagavatamrita.

ASA - Oink! Whoop! E=MC*2!!

The festival went for 4 days, during the Easter break. It was simply amazing. And on the Sunday night, the Kirtan was beyond ecstatic; HH Govinda Swami taught us a phrase the African devotees taught him (you must rap it quite quickly) - There ain't no party like the Kirtan party cus' the Kirtan party don't stop. And the Kirtan just kept on going on from there. They would finish the Kirtan and then again, Maharaj would repeat this phrase and Kirtan would begin again.

In your last message, you asked if my father had any news. Somehow it struck me today actually and I would like to share it with you. I can't remember the exact date now, but it was after his passing, perhaps last year or the year before. I was attending Saturday feast and I was standing outside the door during Arati. And all of a sudden, for about a second, I saw him, dancing in the Kirtan so cheerfully. As a spiritual being (if I recall correctly). This is the only incident where my father has 'come' to my dream, or reality, in this case. Rather than me remembering pastimes in my dreams.

HpS - We miss him so much. Well later we will meet. There must be a Fazilka in Goloka. 😀

And it just occurred to me today that, what if he was dancing to somehow tell me to keep on dancing in Kirtan and never stop. At least, that's what I can take from it. Actually, before I never used to dance in Kirtan. Or at least enthusiastically. I believe I started during my father's time, but more so after his passing. I took everything a little more seriously after that. And now, I am always trying to dance in Kirtan. I cannot not dance in Kirtan now. It's almost like a disease. I have to dance hehe. So now that I really think about it, perhaps that vision of my father dancing was some sort of a sign. And if not, I will still continue to dance just as I saw him doing.

ASA - They say that Srila Prabhupada said, that he could tell how advanced we were by how much we liked to dance FOR KRSNA. Of course, we have to push ourselves because we are Learning to Love KRSNA, like learning the piano or tennis.

Besides that, I cannot think of any questions that I need to ask you as of now 😆


Oh, I just remembered another pastime that I may share with you. I was reading the Krsna book. This is while my father is still alive. For years I was reading it, and I never finished... I would start and I would be going very well, and then I would not read it for the next 6 months plus and then I would have to restart the book. This became a cycle and happened quite a few times. And I would always promise Papa that I would finish it 'this year' or by 'this time'. And so, he would always joke with me by mockingly saying, "Papa, I promise with you, I will finish the Krsna book by the year 2000 and such and such." And as my memory serves me, he jokingly said by the end of 2020 one time, if not any longer 😂

. But now, I have read the most without restarting and am almost done. Another 200 pages to go and I will have fulfilled my promise.

HpS - Aaaah! I warn you there is a surprise benediction written at the end.

After I complete this book, I was thinking I would start either the Bhagavad Gita or the Mahabharata. But I think I better begin with the Bhagavad Gita, the essence of our philosophy.

Anyway, thank you for letting me share these pastimes with you Maharaj. And thank you for always showering your mercy upon my fallen self. I very much appreciate it. I wish that you may visit Brisbane sometime this year. Please!!

I hope your health is in best condition.

Your fallen servant,


HpS - Any interesting things about the Yatra. How is the school? Any friends?