Letter to the Jungians

6 months, 4 weeks ago by hps in Special Category B

Jaya Sri Krsna!

After 12-weeks of excellent travel, being bounced about in at least 19-different airplanes, we have returned to our little cottage-by-the-road in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We go for 44-minute evening walks with Dr. Ravi each day and are beginning to sort out all the results from the tour.

One thing that stands out very, very prominently was the Congress in Santa Barbara. Thank you Patricia for inviting us. Thank you Beverely and everyone for staging it.

1. We saw Prof. Shonu Shyamdasani in the flesh. For us it was like seeing the Pope for the first time. He even looked at us and, was probably wondering what a Buddhist monk was doing at a Jung Congress.

2. Our understanding of the character of the Jungian community has increased 20-times at least.

3. We derived so much benefit in our personal endeavors, and received so much education, that it was very much worth the extreme investment of time and resources for us. Thank you.

4. We can go on for a long time, but specifically, we think more than ever that there is opportunity and necessity for integral work with our NIOS efforts and your good selves and other Jungian entities such as the Philemon Foundation.

  • Intellectually the first rapport might be to discuss the work of Prof. David Haberman from Indiana University on our 15th century saint, scholar, statesman, Rupa Goswami and Jung's realizations and experiences.
  • If Philemon is planning on turning its very big guns on Jung's visit to India we have excellent contacts at Calcutta University who might be able to help, but they are getting old.
  • As Patricia noted the next Congress on art and the creative imagination might be successfully held in Peru, for example in 2022. Again we are signing a Convenio with San Marcos University right now for the next three years on our "Education and the Sacred" cycle. They look more substantial than the National Museum with whom we were partners for the last three years.
  • Can you all participate in the above mentioned cycle?  Education and the Sacred? We expect grand participation in our Journal, "Solaris", symposium with San Marcos, Jesuits, ICCR from India, et al.
  • Finally, we have heard Jungian Psychologist Beverely Zabriesky mention at least three times that the Introduction to the 'Red Book' by Prof. Shyamdasani is the most excellent resource Jungians have for presenting a summary of Jung's ideas. So, is there any plan to publish it, soon, as a separate book? I, for example, am in contact with a 'large new-age religious cult' of over 1-million members of whom many would love to understand Prof. Jung's experiences and conclusions and then engage in dialog on those from the perspective of the Sanskrit, Vedic, Bhagvata traditions for practical solutions to the world and ones own personal problems.

O.K. I was floored by three daze of the Congress, so I hope this letter is a little bit of revenge in kind. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

H. P. Swami (Prof. H. H. Robinson)