URGENT - Divya-drsti Devi Dasi from India.

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Hare Krishna Gurumaharaja! Pamho!! AgtSP!!

Divya-drsti d.d asked me to send you this letter :

Hare Krishna Guru Majaraja


All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

Gurudeva Im in Mayapur now with m Gaura Gadadhara. Im considering the posibility to come back to Perú in One or two months, originaly it was planned to stay until october but the weather is too hot here. I can not sleep well I feel tired most of the time. My idea was to do ayurvedic therapy here yes Im doing it but I dont really feel very well.

So if I come back to Cusco I would like to do some wokshops to learn how to do and perform puppets shows to preach with, as well learn to play armonium and continue working as a tour guide.

I ll maybe rent a room to leave in Cusco, I could rent un apartment to share with matajis as well but I have to look first Who would like to live there. For me its better not no come back to leave with my family because my family karma is heavy it doesnt help to advance.

I feel bad and sad to have the desire to come back to Cusco and leave the holy Dham, I feel sad because maybe I dont have a small peace of Bhakti or Im very small advance in a spiritual way or maybe its Just the time to come back.

Please I would like to hear your sugestiones.

Im so gratefull with you Gurumajaraja for All your inspiration.

Thank you very much.

Your Servant :

Divya Dristi DD.

HpS - Hare Krsna. In Kali-yuga the Holy Dhama is the best place where you can chant 16-nice rounds, follow 4-principles best as an offering to Srila Prabhupada. I could not stay in India too long the first time either. Maybe you should go to ISKCON Hriskesa. It is like Cusco, no? But even a few months in Mayapura is very nice. See if you can adjust more, but first thing is regularive princples. Start ashrama in Cusco, puppets (selling books) and Bhajan (Selling books) is great. You are great!! Krsna loves you very much. He loves Spanish-French Tour Guides.