Hare Krishna. News from PTD

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Please accept my most humble obeisances.

Hare Krishna dear Gurudev.

I hope you are very well, forgive my lack of communication. I always end up not writing to you because I know you are very busy and I like to leave the preference for other students who need it for important things.

HpS - Seems your rhythm in writing is good. We all need your association from time to time!

I keep reading your news on the blog and in Jayarama. This year has been very intense for me. Thank you for always keeping me in your service. I am totally sheltered under your instructions, always trying not to deviate from the sense gratification.

I kept these last 7 months distributing the SP books daily and it has been a very deep experience in my spiritual life. When I'm doing this book distribution I feel that I can do it forever and Krsna is giving me that blessing, I am sure that it is because of your mercy.

HpS - One of the duties of Krsna's servants in Goloka is to carry messages to the Gopis and canvas them as participants in His pastimes. Maybe you will be a Sankirtan devotee like that in Goloka. Maybe you are a parrot in Goloka. Ha! Ha! Ha! Rey!

The Sastra-seva program that Aravinda and Baladeva Prabhu organized in Mendoza was a total success, we had visits from H.H. Bhakti Bhusana Swami, Bhakti Sundara Maharaja and Purusatraya Maharaja. We studied the first 6 chapters of BG, Sri Isop, LOB, etc. and did a marathon in Argentina where we distributed more than 7000 books. Maybe Next year we may finish the course at Sri Govardhana Mar del Plata.

Aravinda Prabhu liked the community very much. Right now I am in Santiago de Chile for about 15 days and for the day of Lord Ramacandra's Apparition I travel to Campina Grande, Brazil for the Gbc college meeting and then I will stay in Nova Gokula for 10 days reviewing the study of the first Canto of the SB with my friend Goura daya Natha ... it seems that on our way back we are going to do a marathon to helping BBT in Chile for 15 days before the cold arrives ...

Then we go to the Mar del Plata farm to spend the winter with the cowboys in the area (Adi yajña, Nikunja, Ekacakra, etc) I hope to be able to serve you directly when you visit Argentina ... I ask your blessings to continue in service, control the mind and the senses. I also hope to satisfay with my efforts .....

thank you very much ...

Your servant


HpS - AgtSP. https://www.vedabase.com/en/sb/4/12/32 and next verse. 😀

We are making plan for SA travel right now.