News from Radhakunda

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My dear guruji, please accept my humble obeisances to your lotus (lettuce) feet.

We had recently the festival of Gour purnima, which in Radhakund lasts seven days full of kirtan, lila kirtan, that is chanting the pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, chanting, dancing, prasadam and the last day parikrama around Radhakund with the host deities, Nitai Gour in picture 1 and abisheka, picture 2.

We also had Gour lila in the mornings and krsna lila at evening, see picture 3, padyavali in the afternoon and a lot of fun with the holi lila.

My dear guru Maharaja, pls bless me to be here the rest of my life so I can relish these festivals and narrate something about them to all of You, so all of the readers can be here in radhakund at least for a moment.

HpS - All your little children bless you, Mataji. May Krsna save you from naughty monkeys! See you soon. Thank you so much for the news but we only see one photo?? ! We see there is another letter!!!