9 months, 2 weeks ago by Yamuneswar Das in Personal Sadhana Reports

All Glories to A C Prabhupada, Sripada Maharaja and HpS Maharaja

Radha Krsna Ki Yay and Gouranga Mahaprabhu Ki Jay, and Goura Bhakta Vrinda Ki Jay

Dandavat Pranam, Tasmei Gurve Namah!

Please accept my humble obeisanses unto Gurujis padmacharan that I could not drop in the airport on 22nd March, due to Manipurs full Holi (Goura festival for 5 days). I was full engaged in my daughters marriage ceremony and reception of her after 6 days of marriage with a big lunch with localities approximately 250 members.

Though several reminders to Dr. Sarda D D and Haridasa Maharaja, I could not get any information regarding Gurujis Imphal visit. This is one of the big gap among the disciples of Manipur.

Please advice me what is my responsible in future.

As my regular reading now I am reading the 10.13.24 last part of 10 Vol.1 (the portion of Brahmah stolen calfs and cowherds of Vrindavan for testing Krsna.

Yours fallen Servant,

Yamunesvara Das

HpS - Hare Krsna. Yes, we were very sorry not to get time with you when we were in Manipur, but your daughter's wedding was very nice to see. Really, when we are chanting our Japa for Srila Prabhupada, broadcasting his message, books, we are together.

Please, please write to us with news from Manipur! We put our news in the DTCs here and in the Kapi Dhvaja each two weeks.