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Maharaja Your Holiness,




Thank you kindly for reply to our last letter.

Phone number - 971 XXX

HpS - Just texted you to try it.

My father was a recieving clerk for 30+ years for Albertson's grocery store. He stuck with the job because it was a job that he got off work at 3:30pm and was able to engage with my brothers and I in sports. He was a good coach. Not the most knowledgeable of the sports, he didn't play much sports when he grew up, but he was creative, structured and put together good systems in a way to have fun and see advancement in my brothers, myself and the other kids on our teams. I believe that I am similar in my father in that he had a very strong since of duty for others, loyal and creativity in how to get to his goals with the resources he had available.

He had a lot of goods idea and some he was able to use and cultivate them practically. I remember him reading a lot of golf magazines to improve his golf game and he would do his best to pass that on to us. He coached baseball and football and was really actually successful with them to the degree. Good systems (use of resources in a positive way), very encouraging/loving to others, and very dedicated/loyal. These things I see in him that I attract to and try to grow in myself.

My mothers family I don't know so well because she doesn't talk about them really and have much to do with them. They where abusive and alcoholics.

I was in college in a psychology class and the teacher was doing a unit on Alcholism and the family dynamics of a family with an alcoholic or alcoholics in it. My parents didn't drink alcohol but smoked marijuana. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the professor was describing my family while he was speaking about an alcoholic family. I guess I am saying this because I believe with out the addiction my father would see a lot more success with his unique abilities and appreciation of things in his life. He would often get very angry and would throw poop like the one monkey demon you described in class. However, I have little realization that this is material since gratification addiction we all have to a certain degree and that addiction is focused on some kind of "drug". We like to throw fits, throw poop, when we aren't getting it. Our addiction needs to refocused to Krsna in a way that pleases him, pleases Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - We heard that Srila Prabhupada said that to get free from intoxication COOK and OFFer nice Bhoga to Krsna, then, if He leaves any, honor Prasad! Better than Bud!

I did see the mention of the acticle on Sunday school. I have been looking on the Ministry of Ed website and it's very interesting. I will look more into it and read the journals. Also I will encourage Alicia to read the sunday school article.

I do have a weed whipper! I'm straight 🤣

Thank you again Maharaja, your association is very dear to me and encourages me to fight for becoming more attached to Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet and serving him kindly. Please bless me that I may become a competent instrument for him and do some nice service for him.


Your aspiring servent,

Bhakta Big Foot (Nathen)

HpS - Hopefully we won't have four Big Feet. In our next life. I don't like ticks and fleas!