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Radhe! Radhe!

ASA - In one lecture in London on Radhastami, Srila Prabhupada commented, "Radhe", "Hare", no difference!

Hare! Hare!

Maybe Srila Prabhupada's habit of chanting "Hare Krsna" was to instruct us that we Western folk must be careful to keep Radharani with Sri Krsna, no?

Panto (ASA - Panto? Please accept nine times obeisances? Please accept ours many more!!)


My dear guru Maharaja, first of all I want to thank you for giving me darshan during your Indian tour, pls accept my humble obeisances.

HpS - We felt the same. Also for your family!!

Following your instructions I want to share some pictures and stories of the holy places and festivals in Radhakund.

Today is Siva ratri, the great night of Siva, the story says that Parvati was meditating in her husband and did penances and austerities whole night to protect him, since then this night all women go to ask Lord Siva to protect their husbands and sons.

It is supposed that we do not have to worship demigod, ONLY to ask them to help us to advance towards Krsna.

Here in Vraja when we start a parikrama we should ask Mahadev, Lord Siva, to allow us to do it since he is the gatekeeper of the dhama.

But why or how he got the post of gatekeeper? Here is the story

In the Garga Samhita it is mentioned that when Lord Siva knew about the rasa dance, he wanted to be there to see him dancing with the gopis, so Parvati and him came but only mother Parvati could come in.

Lord Siva was very sad because of this but he was told to go to Vrndadevi to help him, she told him to go to Mansarovar to meditate in order to get a gopi's body, which he did and once he had a female body he went in to the rasa lila.

There he danced with krsna as a gopi but suddenly krsna said "I cannot relish this dance, it is as if some man be here, so he asked Lalita Saki to go and see if there was a man inside.

She came back and told him "No, there is no men inside but there is a gopi with three eyes". Krsna said "go and bring her"

When this gopi came Krsna who knows everything told her "Siva you have relished the rasa dance, now you have to go out, but I have a job for you, from now on you will be the gatekeeper and you are not going to allow any man to come in".

Since that day Lord Siva is in charge of the gate in the holy dhama and that is why we have to ask him for permission to come in.

I an sending two photos in the first is Mahadev in his altar in the entrance of Radhakunda.

The second photo is a deity In Nitai dhama temple where Kunja Bihari is dressed like Mahadev.

Om namo sivaya. Mahadev ki jaya.

Next time we are going to start our parikrama of Radhakunda.

Only one question guru Maharaja, do you want me to write this report in English or Spanish or both.

HpS - If you can do both it would be wonderful.

Thank you once more for your causeless mercy.

Your (trying to be humble) servant

Tungavidya dd

Radhakunda, Syamakunda, Giri Govardhan ki haya

HpS - In CC Adi Seven, near the end, I think where it is described how Lord was visiting Kasi visvanatha Temple, in the purport Srila Prabhupada gives the Brahma samhita mantras as authorized for worshipping Lord Siva, Ganesa et al. Also Lord Siva instructs the Pracetas in Canto Four, no?!

Thank you!!