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8 years, 5 months ago by Madhvacharya das

Dear Gurudeva

I ll be doing 2011 report coming days , I m very busy at the moment  because i m moving home ,a lot of packing up and maintanance , I hear that YOU posibly can make it to Australia next 2012 ,anything if happen I' ll get in touch with Raktak das about details ,etc.

before I forget I  say thank you for your association in the Holy Dham.


Madhvacharya das.


HpS -  Jaya!    So nice to see you here at the Blog!!!   Our travel to Australia, Europe and Manipur is still not fixed but we have a strong determination to go to Australia. Manipur is of course difficult because it is hard to communicate, but we continue to use our energy wisely and things may still advance properly.