"Luz of Bhagavata" publicación en Chile

11 years, 10 months ago by rodrigo hernandez piceros

 All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Dear Maharaja, please accept my most respectful obeisances

Thank you very much for your last letter (it was published in your blog). Each letter you sent me is full of transcendental knowledge.
I’m fine in general, but struggling (fight)  every day with my defects (anarthas)!
This letter is  to ask you about the possibility of publishing in Chile "Light of the Bhagavata”. You asked me to do the steps, remember? I talked to the editorial’s owner of “Editorial Cuarto Propio” and she asked me about copyright permissions.

Marisol Vera asked me questions like:

*Which would be the conditions of the publication?

*The complete financing of the book would make by Editorial Cuarto Propio?

*Whichever units would have this Chilean edition? The books in Chile are generally of 1000 units.

*Who has the rights or legal permissions of the LIGHT OF THE BHAGAVATA? (Who has the right of texts, the photography and the permission of the translators?)

*How it would be the distribution of the book? In Chile or also abroad?

* Perhaps the Chilean edition of the "Light of the Bhagavata" could be  with softcover to lower cost.

I remember you sent a letter to Hanuman Das Prabhu (Spain) about it, but we never hear back from the devotee.

Probably next week I will go to the editorial room and I will have a new interview with the owner. Chile IKSCON’s  president wants to talk to her. Marisol Vera is very nice!

In a next letter I hope to send you a report about Utsaha magazine. Prabhu Jagat Guru, Mother Kriya Sakti  and me are coordinating some important things about this magazine. Maybe this Friday, December 3, we will be a meeting in the Temple!

When do you plan to visit Chile?

To their lotus feet,

the most fallen of all,

Bhakta Rodrigo Hernandez Piceros 


Jaya.  AGTSP   paoho.  So, nice to hear from you.  We got three letters from Chile.  We were feeling very sad to hear nothing for so long!

We are in Argentina.

Yes!!!    Hanuman Prabhu seems to be very busy with other Sankirtana service!   We are also thinking to publish it in soft cover.

I think we are in Chile again in July.

If you meet her again explain that the BBT manager is in Spain and is very busy, but if she would like to publish it then we, HpS can run to catch him

If she wants to co-publish, share expenses, then we can talk in July.

99% sure that the BBT would keep all the copy rights and she could publish a fixed quantity under license.


Krsna doesn't care so much how much you give.  He is more concerned that you are giving all you have!!