11 years, 10 months ago

Respected Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Shrila Prabhupad.

Read the Kapi-Dhvaja, I was waiting for it and now, I come to know what's happening.

Guruji, one thing I did not understand, why there was no visa for Brazil on your passport? Did you forget to obtain the visa or something else.

HpS - Jaya!   AGTSP   pamho.   Esteemed Number One Son,

Paoho.  AGTSP.   Until 4 years ago Brazil did not require Visa.  Almost no South American countrys required them for USA, Dudes.

So, it was surprise for everyone. Everyone made mistake in this regard. Think that it was Krsna's arrangment in many ways. We were very, very, very tired but this week we have had like 90% rest!    Also we were very, very, very behind on writing projects, but now we are very caught up.

We would be celebrating your divine appearance day festival on 06th Jan 2011 in Sydney.  I am just about to book the ticket to go there from here, Brisbane.  One question-What time you were born, because mother Adi Adri and Dhaneshvari are in confusion, thinking that should celebrate it during daytime or in the evening ( so everyone can come), but first, we would like to know the time, kindly tell us your birht time, thanks.

HpS  -   I don't think it is any more divine appearance that yours.  For me "My Vyasapuja" is incredible chance for me to offer little glorification of the Parampara. We may deserve this opportunity or not, but as it is available we are taking it. We look at it as chance to glorify Krsna. The root of the Parampara!  Then Vyasadeva, Nitai-Nimai, Narottama Dasa Thakur, Srila Prabhupada, ourselves, yourselves ... in our proper perspective.  No more, no less!

According to our mother, she returned to her hospital room after the delivery and heard the cars leaving from the military base theater. She says that took place about 10PM,  so we must have be forced into this world about 9.30PM  I'm

In temple, we are on chapter 47, tenth canto, bumble bee, Uddhava pacifying the gopis.  I finished reading back to godhead Sep-Oct and Nov-Dec edition.

Chanting----I am so tired from my work that I can get up 2'o' clock and start chanting, I tried but always failed. So now, I chant 03-4 rounds in the train while going to work, 3-4 coming back and another 08 at home after honouring prasadam, peacefully chanting.  In my heart, I am sure that one day, I will achieve this getting-up 2'o' clock goal.

I was in contact with my old god-brothers Lanka Vijay and Varuthapa Das through facebook, and we found some old photoes from Vrindavan, Vraj Mandal Parikrama.  I will upload some more photoes on the facebook, so all the god-brothers and god-sisters can see them.

I will not ask you to come to Australia, though, in my heart, I want it, not for my personal sense gratification so I can enjoy your company, but for the other sincere seekers of the Absolute Truth, so they can find some shelter underneath your lotus feet and thus advance and for my personal purification as well,  but I know, you are very busy, very-very tired from your continueous preaching/traveling, so I beg you to kindly take some rest, May Krishna give you very good health.

Thank you, HARE KRISHNA.

yours servant,

Maybe we get to Australia!??

Raktak Das

HpS - Jaya.    AGTSP.   Yes, Srila Prabhupada also didn't keep a Sannyasa schedule while he was in Grhastha ashrama.  In the future tell us about the temple, devotees, family!   Now is 3.20PM.   We have to honor Prasadam!!!  Then work on our Bhakti Sastri letters,  Then to the airport.   Thank you so, so much for your association!