Cakori Radha Devi dasi, Vrindavana Dham.

12 years, 10 months ago

Guru Maharaja please accept our obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Dear Guru Maharaja, Im totally lost in this new communicational system I have so many things to tell you. We are, by the incredible mercy of the Lord back in Vrindavana, we could stay here for the last week of kartika, we are traveling alone, and that in a way allow us to have some nice realizations about association and the kindness and mercy of Vrindavana.  We are still living in Chennai, with Hari Bhakta and the children. we got married, but not in paper, I have to wait a month or a little bit more for the divorce papers from Chile. So I can have an X visa, that allows me to stay in India as a resident. Another news is that our family is getting bigger, we are expecting a baby. My family is happy, and I can prove some of my educational theories on the field. Varuthapa is coming to Chennai in 2 more weeks so I hope I can have his nectarean association, How is everything... I heard about the whole Brazil thing, and we got sooooo angry, we were thinking in your ears and the plane pressure, hope you are well.  During Parikrama we thought of you so much and that help in the meditation, we thought in our friends and walk with them. I will try to call you I will try to speak not that much too :)

Hope all your programs are working amazingly, like they always do. We miss the association of our Guru Maharaja so much. we keep the worshipping of our Narasinhadeva, we found a nice and cute Prahlada just the right size, he looks happier.

Hope to be able to have your association, thank you for been our teacher.

At your feet, 

Cakori Radha Devi dasi.

HpS   -     A G T S P ! ! !        paoho.   Thank you so much for your letter. We were wondering what had happened to you?!

Congratualtions on your situation, Ashrama. Our respects to Hari-bhakti Prabhu and if we can be of any service ask him to please contact us.

This system is developing pretty well.  85% of the letters from devotees discuss the same things.  If it is super confidential then ask us to arrange a special interchange, but usually we can see that most of the letters are things that everyone else wants to hear also.  We really are confronting very common problems in our individual way.

It is Thursday after noon.    We have the Brazil Visa!    We go to the airport again at 9PM to check-in. Then weekened Seminar on Education!

We heard that you tried to call but we didn't connect. Maybe in Argentina we can get more stable connection!

Basic thing again and again, in happiness or distress, alone or in a group, rich or poor, is get up early and get your rounds done!

Oooof!     It's a fact, no?    I have to beat it into my brains again and again.  I have 24 of my 25 rounds done. Always praying to Hara to pray to Krsna and Rama to engage us in Their Sankirtana as dust under the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Please write about Chenai, Temple, H. H. Banu Swami and who else is there!

Super success with your educational efforts.

Your marriage as service to Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundar!

You are so lucky to be in Vrndavana!!!