Problem with LTE website

13 years, 5 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams. The user of this website is not informed when you respond to the letter.  So, the user of this website does know about your response. They have to continuously visit this website. That makes the usage of this website quite inconvinient. Secondly, it requires creation of account and login. That is good. But it should have option to post letter with name and email without login. That way it is easy to post letters. That may result in posting of fake emails. But people can be trusted with honesty. That is least we can expect from spiritual oriented people.

Many people might not be comfortable sharing their questions to people in public. In that case, the letter should not be posted for public and email should be sent directly to the user.

Your servant,


HpS -  AGTSP   paoho.  Yes, we have also seen these problems.  We are trying to improve things. 

Haw!    Haw!    We are realizing that we are embeciles and that communicating is difficult, but we are trying to improve.  I guess we need a feature that collets the writers address so that a notice can be sent to him when we answer the letter.

Idea is to have the anwers bigger so all can see them.

And...  and ...  And..