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9 years, 6 months ago by mittalga

"Dhanvantaa soyi jaaniye taake Ram naam dhan hoi."

If you had accumulated the name of Ram in your life time, then that
treasure would go with you. Worship and devotion (Bhajan) are done
by the Self, also name recitation (Naam Japa), contemplation on God
(bhagwad chintan), good intentions and sentiments (Bhaavas) are all
accumulated treasures that go with you. If you have improved your
nature, your qualities, then that too will go with you, however the
worldly things that you have accumulated will not go with you. The
more purified your nature is, the more your work is completed. The
extent of worship and rememberance of God that you have done and
accumulated, that is the treasure that will go with you. This
treasure is so incredibly special, and unlike worldly treasure it
cannot be stolen by any thief or robber. ....
From "Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu" in Hindi pg. 270 by Swami

HpS - ASA - jaya!!   Thank you.  Sorry we can't read more details now.  We are rushing just after this Cantuta Seminar.  It was super success.  Two more university departments want programs and we are supposed to submit a proposal for developing accredited programs to the President's office!