Dear gurudeva, from Radhadesh with love

12 years, 10 months ago by Susana

           Dear gurudeva,

        Pamho, agtSP!!,agt HPS!!,

        I keep praying for your well being to Radha Gopinata every Mangala Arati.

        This Bhakti Sastri is intense but wonderful.

         I am trying to decide the best choise on what to do after,where to study


         Forgive my childish devotion, but I would love to know your opinion,

         as my goal in life is to be pleasing to you.

            The two prominent options are to study through NIOS while staying in

Radhadesh, or to move to Spain and do it through Bhaktivedanta college.

              Thank you in advance.

           Haribol!! y s, bhaktin Susana

HpS - ASA --  AGTSP   paoho.  Please forgive little delay in letter answer. Has been very intense program iin Peru with National education University.

It is nice to hear from you!   I don't know the details of where to study Bhakti viabhava.  I think any advice I can give would have to be when we get to Radhadesa in January.  Like 8 weeks from now.