Ram Ram

11 years, 9 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams.  Ram Ram.

I wanted to see you in August but unfortunately, could not come. I saw your email few days ago at my yahoo account. I have not been using yahoo account but instead my gmail account ([email protected]). I have been reading Kapi Dhvaja and enjoying it. I will try to come in Nov. Are you still coming to Houston in November?

My work is going good. Family is OK. Kids are doing some sadhana everyday. They do 10-15 mins prayers at least once a day. I have been developing more and more faith that I am sat chid ananda i.e. I am eternal, full of knowledge and bliss. I am also part of Krishna and Krishna is always with me as He is in my heart. He loves me. I need to see others in same way. Krishna is in everyone and He loves everyone. So, I should serve others without envy. No one can make me eternal as I am eternal. No one can create bliss for me. I just need to realize my blissful nature which always exists. As I am part of Krishna. I am eternally connected with Krishna. No one can create that connection. That connection always exists.

Right now, I have assumed affinity with inert matter, body and world. Gurus, shastra and sadhu teach me that I am eternally connected with Krishna and help me to realize my true nature. The self is eternal and there is no link between my eternal nature and me. Similarly, I am eternally connected with Krishna and there is no link or broker between me and Krishna. Gurus or teachers helps me to remove my affinity with matter to realize my true nature. I should have gratitude towards the teachers. But teachers don't become the broker or link.

Your servant,

Gaurav Mittal

HpS ' AGTSP   seems very nice.  No, we did not go to Houston.  Had to come direct to Peru.  Kapi Dhvaja will have news!    So nice to hear from you.   You letter reminds us of CC verse cited in NOI, ¨Nitya siddha krsna prema...¨    Even Socrates said this.  Philosoppher is midwife of the `psyche.  O.K.  Go give class.

Your Japa, all sadhana O.K_   Still preparing for initation!   Letter of recomendation from Symasundara Prbabhu__