Gaurav Prabhu - Going back to Krishna

11 years, 6 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams.

In 1996, I wrote a letter to my grandmother asking her to chant 16 rounds to Hare Krishna mahamantra. As soon as she received the letter, she started chanting 16 rounds. Since then she would chant 16 rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra and 8 rounds of Om Namah Shivaya. She felt so proud of me that she would carry that letter with her and call me as her GURU. She would daily wake up around 4 am and would do daily worship for many hours. She would take care of dieties, do arati twice a day at dawn and dusk, read Ramayana especially Sundarkand, worship Tulsi plant etc. Even when she would do house hold chores, she would be singing bhajans especially in the morning. Her sadhana continued till few years ago. Not only she led devotional life, she was extremely unselfish and served people around her without expectation. She passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 94.

In one after-death ritual, we keep the ball of flour for 3 days after doing some worship. That is used to predict the next life of that person. On the 3rd day, a very beautiful Tulsi plant was drawn on the flour ball. It was so clear and beautiful that my aunty could not believe it. Panditji concluded that Tulsi plant shows that she has gone back to Goloka.

Krishna takes care of His devotees (and everyone). In Kali-yuga, it is very easy to go back to Goloka by chanting the names of Hari.

Today, I attended a bhajan program by Gauravani. He started with Guru Nanak's bhajan by showing respect to different spiritual traditions. Then, he humbly mentioned that his heart is with Krishna and chanted Krishna bhajans. Later on, he showed gratitude towards the host. He mentioned that he is ordinary person and felt gratitude towards those who are showing love towards him. I felt that he is sincere. He felt very appreciative of his devotional qualities and felt like blessing him to advance further in bhakti.

Generally, I don't get impressed or inspired by people who claim themselves as great devotee or act as great devotees. I like to associate or meet with ordinary simple people who are trying to be simple and ordinary devotee.
Your servant,

HpS -  Jaya!  Hare Krsna!    I was wondering what had happened to you!   No, news.  Thank you for the nice letter.
One devotee aksed Srila Prabhupada if the "Christians" could go back to Godhead. Prabhupada said, "Yes, if they follow Jesus Christs instructions".
Devotee asked how they could know Jesus Christs instructions. Prabhupada said that some Priest would tell them.
Haw!   Haw!    Yes, is so simple.   Just have to do it!!!