11 years, 10 months ago by PABLOPARIKRAMA

Pamho, tlgSP

Dear Master, for your mercy everything is okay. Principles, round, heart.
I  am Bhakta Paul of Parikrama, of Spain.
By connecting You give me, Your association, protection of the Holy Names is effective, warm and familiar. It is a pleasure.
I hope You are in the best of conditions. I hope Sri-Sri Radha Krsnacandra bless You for being a source of protection, mercy and love.

If in Vrndavana there is not Santa Rasa, Who are the party "immobile or inert? Jivas performing that function by a desire to serve Krsna, serve and not to admire? ...
Santa-rasa is the intermediate step between Service and desire to be one with the Supreme? ...
If there is not Santa-Rasa in Vraja, no mixture, confirming that which Tatastha Sakti, "our Source" is Vraja-prema, Krsna-Prema only? ...
If I remember correctly, in the Caitanya-caritamrta, there is a Lila where Caitanya Mahaprabhu could not "convert " to Krsna Bhakta one Rama-Bhakta, and Lord Krsna Caitanya comment to be left, becouse He is a Nitya-Rama-Bhakta.
Is the Lord Rama, Krishna in Mathura and Dwaraka, pure love mixed? ... if we are Vraja-Bhaktas pure, his love was so pure that there was no mixture to Rama, Krishna? , like some humor in Vrndavana ...??
If there are too many questions can you answer me in installments.
Your feet in my head.

Jaiva Dharma                    Jaiva Dharma

Jaiva Dharma                    Jaiva Dharma

Lotos y Lirios                     Lotuses and lilies

Abejas embriagadas       Drunk Bees

Olas que van                    Waves are

Olas que vienen               Waves coming

Santos Nombres              Holy Names

Santa Asociacion            Holy Association

Santa Devocion               Holy Devotion


HpS -  TlgaSP   paoho.  Thank you your letter!!  Running to the airport for Spain!     If you look in the last few texts of Upadesamrta you will see that Krsna's flute, garlands in Vrndavana are all in Santa rasa!