Our true nature - SERVITUDE, eternity, knowledge, bliss

11 years, 10 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams. Ram Ram.

I am fallen person. I can only write what I see as truth. But also, I cannot accept something as truth which I don't see as truth.

Does Krishna protect and maintain only devotees? Does He protect and maintain common people? The truth is that KRISHNA PROTECTS AND MAINTAINS EVERYONE EQUALLY. He is doing that right now and maintaining so many animals etc.  Krishna gives breath to everyone. Isn't that His maintenance? If Krishna protects and maintains everyone, then what is special about devotee? Actually, there is nothing special about us. The difference between surrendered deovotee and non-devotee is that the devotee accepts that Krishna maintains and protects him and non-devotee cannot see Krishna's maintenance and protection. That is the difference. Both are maintained and both are protected. We don't have to do anything special to get Krishna's protection and maintenance. He is already doing that. We just have to accept it. ....



HpS  -  AGTSP   pamho.   We are in our last few hours in Peru and the pressure is INTENSE>   We have almos contiupous chest pains.    We cant read all of your letter now, but the first part seems very nice.   If there are any details that Jiva Gosvami and others see as different then it seems that they would be answered in Canto Seven:


 King Parīkṣit inquired: My dear brāhmaṇa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu, being everyone's well-wisher, is equal and extremely dear to everyone. How, then, did He become partial like a common man for the sake of Indra and thus kill Indra's enemies? How can a person equal to everyone be partial to some and inimical toward others?


HpSwami   See you soon!      OUr calendar is in the Jounal!